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Many benefits at an affordable price:

Daily Taekwondo classes, Providing your child with a character building education.
Full day program on most school days off at no extra charge
Roll-over to full-day Summer camp

Enthusiastic, caring staff and instructors will teach your children Taekwondo for leadership, cooperation, character development, and practical life skills so that your child will be more successful at home, at school, and out in the real world.






- Transportation is provided from local schools.

- Full Day Program on most school days off, at no extra charge.

- Full Day Summer (Spring, Winter) Camp when school year is over.

10 Commandments



1. Do Homework as a First Priority
2. Obey Parents and Grandparents
3. Do Chores around the House
4. Keep Body, Hair, and Teeth Clean
5. Eat and Sleep Properly
6. Don't Interupt Adult Conversations
7. Cooperate with Brothers and Sisters
8. Respect Teachers and Elders
9. Be Truthful and Honest
10. Always Finish What's Started 

Our Elite Martial Arts After School Program has an exceptional program of self defense called the art of Taekwondo. This method combines the traditional Korean martial arts with the contemporary style of Taekwondo.

Our program is not limited to learning martial arts, but is a true academy of self improvement. In addition to Taekwondo, we offer Before & After School program with transporation, Day Camp, Career in Martial Arts Training, and above all build moral character to obtain balance between mind and body.


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